Wednesday, December 25, 2013

brokebitch scenerio#1225: #gratitude

so I read that to help eliminate negative thinking about a situation, you list all the things you're greatful for in that moment. Today is a holiday where people gather with their's just me and G Michaels. My Mom passed two days after Christmas over 10 years ago. Every year I remember that Christmas. Every moment. My outfit. but now I move on to the project to eliminate negative memories... 10 things BB is grateful for Christmas 2013... 10.) G Michaels great health 9.) my good health 8.) playing radio. people say"you have to work on Christmas, how awful" what!? I get to play radio, who's working, well I do get paid ;) 7.) LULU, my car whos in pretty good health after 6 years together. 6.) Lisa,my former Big Sister(bbbs) 5.) the career growth in 2014!!!! 4.) starbucks being open on Christmas(it's my gift) 3.)Weight Watchers (I'm a lifetime member) because I need it in 2014 to regain my best self 2.)Adam Levine because he's pretty :) 1.)the opportunity to host my first Listener acoustic show, twice! Colbie Callait and the Fray! so take that negative day, situation or person and say what you're grateful for instead!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

brokebitch scenerio #467 ask and you shall receive

so this morning I took this beauty(G. Michaels) to breakfast but brokebitch style.  I ordered the biscuits and gravy =$6.00 and asked politely how much would it cost for a third biscuit.  The waitress wanting a good tip(I tipped 30%) said she'd bring me one for free.  We both ate a meal for $3.00 each! The most important part of the morning was taking my Granny out to eat.  She was a very happy camper!


brokebitch scenerio #444 #brokebitchweather=#sweaterweather

Saturday, September 21, 2013

brokebitch scenerio #708: peanut butter sandwich diet

when you don't have money to buy sweets, fast food and dinner out, you lose weight! I'm on the packing my healthy peanut butter sandwich diet,  5 grams of fiber whole wheat bread with 2 tabelspoons of peanut butter.  Usually when you pack your lunch it's after a meal so you pack a healthy amount because you're not hungry. It's the  fail to plan, plan to fail in motion. I've lost weight without dieting.  Hey if you're gonna be a brokebitch be a skinny one. Maybe I'll fit into old clothes in the back of my closet and have a brand new wardrobe.

you're welcome! ;)


Sunday, June 30, 2013

brokebitch scenerio #267 Funny is Free Yo

So  this 2nd video on my #vine account at mandimichaels made me LOL.  I'm proud of making something out of what brings the most joy to my life but maybe not the "green" riches I want to see.  Happy people don't have better lifes, they make the best of what life they have. 

what radio looks like on #vine


Saturday, May 11, 2013

BROKEBITCH scenerio 228: exercise is free yo!

Hey Y'all Brokebitch is back....working up in the gym(um outside, cuz it's free yo) and one hour to go on a 24 fast to rid my body of JUNK. I'm interviewing for a better job and need to look fine, yo!;) my friend Cindy(a personal trainer) worked with me 3 months to look like this picture below, I know I can do it again.  she's also advising me and helping me a little on my workout plan too.

here's what I've learned on the fast:
it's free, brokebitch friendly
if you're hungry you're really just thirsty for the most part
I slept for 12 hours of the fast and that's what I needed!
I walked on the 22nd hour for 40 minutes and was fine. 
I drank one coffee and LOTS of ice water.

So in the end I'm glad I did it.  You really don't need that many calories to live and it's free to fast and saved a lot of money on the food I didn't eat! It gave me confidence that I could not take a bite of anything including the small cupcakes at the coffee shop this morning...bastards. ;0)

sometimes it's the free things in life that make you appreciate life and your health...